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Media and Advertising Companies, African Art Stores, Beauty
Supply Shops
, Black Owned Barber Shops and Beauty Salons, Auto Mechanic Shops,  
African American Catering Companies, Black Lawyers, Black Doctors, and everything else.

The Cities we have "So Far" are
Anchorage & Fairbanks and we will be listing more cities as we
gain clients. Finding Black Owned Businesses in
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and more in every City and every state across America.
           Thank you for visiting our Detroit, Michigan Black African
    Owned Business, Church, and Contractor Listing Directory.
    We list new businesses every day. You can find Media and
    Advertising Companies, African Art Stores, Beauty Supply
    Shops, Black Owned Barber Shops and Beauty Salons, Auto
    Mechanic Shops,  African American Catering, and everything

           The listings here are in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding
    areas.  Practicing Cooperative Economics is the greatest way to
    build up your communities. That is what we are doing Across
    America. We use the money you us each month to create new
    Businesses which in turn creates Thousands of jobs everywhere.
    For everyone. We all here open our doors to any human being
    and encourage other races to support their own communities.
    We all wake up each day with the same concept in life....
                          "How may I help you today"
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