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Companies, African Art Stores, Beauty Supply Shops, Black Owned
Barber Shops and Beauty Salons, Auto Mechanic Shops,  African
American Catering Companies, Black Lawyers, Black Doctors, and
everything else.

The listings here are in cities like
Opa Locka, West Palm Beach, Miami,
, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa, Pensacola, and more.  
Practicing Cooperative Economics is the greatest way to build up your
communities. That is what we are doing Across America. We use the
money our clients send us each month to create new Businesses,
Non-Profits, and Buying Land for Development, which in turn creates
Thousands of jobs everywhere. For everyone. We open our doors to any
human being and encourage other races to support their own
communities. We should all wake up each day with the same concept in
life...."How may I help you today"

Finding Black Owned Businesses in
Florida is very difficult if you don't live
in the Black Neighborhoods or Communities. We have created this Site to
list businesses, stores, contractors, and more in every City and every
state across America. The difficult thing is getting every business listed.
This is where you can earn money. Simply Refer Black Owned Entities
and get paid for helping Black America. Visit our
Employment section for
more info.
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